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Is proud to be the sole distributor throughout Turkey for Arada, the leading manufacturer of Aarrow, Stratford and Villager stoves which are produced at their specialist production facilities in both Dorset and Devon, England.

Arada is the leading company at the cutting edge of technological and environmental change within the heating sector. Woodstoves-turkey.com opens a new era in the Turkish heating market and offers efficient and effective solutions for all your heating needs with cast iron, wood, multi fuel, boiler and central heating stoves.

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Woodstoves-turkey.com sole supplier of British made Arada Stoves including Villager - Aarrow - Stratford - and Eco Boiler

Visit our showroom to see our full range of stoves where our English speaking sales advisors are available to assist you...

Villager 'A' Series

The largest stoves in our wood burning range that are ideal for warming up those long winter nights.

The canopied options are available with an integral boiler, combining great design with function.

Aarrow 'Acorn'

Small but perfectly formed, the Acorn wood burning and multi fuel stove is designed for cosy living rooms.

Although the Acorn wood burning and multi fuel stove is compact in size it boasts all the features you would expect from an Aarrow wood burning and multi fuel stove.

Villager 'Chelsea Solo'

With its large single door giving a greater view of the fire, this small and elegant stove will make you feel cosy all winter through.

Stratford 'Eco-Boiler'

This next generation of the popular Stratford boiler stoves.

Offering a truly economical, reliable and sustainable Biomass option for people wanting to use wood as an environmentally sustainable alternative to oil and gas to heat their home.

Aarrow 'Eco-Burn'

For those who take the environment seriously we can offer the highly efficient Ecoburn wood burning and multi fuel stove.

An Ecoburn stove gives you more control over how you burn your fuel, enabling you to generate more heat, using less fuel, so contributing to a cleaner environment.

Romotop 'Stromboli 01'

A beautifully designed contemporary stove available with a natural stone cladding.

Not only looks good but being a natural material has the ability to absorb the heat from the fire, and then keep transferring radiant heat into the room even after the fire has burnt out. 

Villager 'Esprit'

The award winning 'Esprit' from Villager is the first of a new generation of stoves designed to meet the demands of modern energy conscious consumers and to bring a new look and style to the Villager range.

Stratford Boiler Stoves 'TF' Series

The industries leading boiler stove the 'Stratford' is a true powerhouse at the heart of any central heating system.

The Stratford has been designed specifically for its role as a boiler stove and stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Aarrow 'Signature'

The Signature Inset models provide a convenient solution to converting an inefficient open fire into a stunning, high-performance fireplace.

The multi fuel models house Aarrow's legendary riddling grate along with Primary Air Diversion System (PADS), to ensure that each fuel burns in its favoured environment.

Villager 'Chelsea Duo'

This twin door version of the Chelsea gives a more traditional look to our most popular multifuel stove.

Eco-Burn 'Plus' Series

The Eco-Burn Plus range of stoves are visually astounding, with an even more extensive viewing glass than seen on the Eco-Burn range of stoves.

These stoves also offer more choice over the type of fuel burnt through the Flexifuel system, which provides high efficiency burning.

Aarrow 'i400' Series

With clean lines, simple air controls the striking i400 series makes a perfect companion.

These stoves also offer more choice over the type of fuel burnt through the Flexifuel system, which provides high efficiency burning.

Villager 'Duo' Range

With a 'Lifetime' guarantee the Villager 'Duo' range boasts modern technology and efficiencies and is certain to bring character to any room.

A pre-heated airwash system ensures sparkling clear glass.

Stratford Eco-Boiler 25 HE

On top of its stylish appearance, the Eco-Boiler 25 HE (High Efficiency) has the ability to produce 50% more heat to water than other boiler stoves which ensures the Ecoboiler is the ultimate heating companion.

British Made Wood - Multi Fuel & Central Heating Stoves
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Olesen Sirinyali Mah. Lara Cad.
1506 Sokak. Manolya Apt. 16/5 Kat:1 07230 Antalya
0242 323 67 66 0242 323 97 10 0 530 460 5309 anantalya@odunatesi.com

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Taşkın Ticaret Göçmezler pasajı no:23/C Balıkesir 0266 384 2224 0535 474 4953 balikesir@odunatesi.com

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Safran Mühendislik Arapzade Mh. M.K.P. Cad. No. 109 Orhangazi, Bursa 0224 573 76 44 0224 573 76 44 0532 563 81 37 bursa@odunatesi.com

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Name: Address: Telephone: Fax: GSM: E-Mail:
Ateş Sömine ve Soba Merkezi Tokoğlu Mah.
Atatürk Bulvarı No39/A Alaçatı
Çeşme İzmir
0232 712 96 86 0232 712 95 68 0549 449 99 25 atesege@odunatesi.com
İnşaş Şömine Yeşillik Cad. No:483/A 35400 Karabağlar İzmir 0232 264 86 67 0232 237 38 05 0533 271 35 19 izmir@odunatesi.com

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PUS Denizcilik Mimarlık ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. FETHIYE Kesikkapı Mah. 101 Sokak No: 18 Fethiye Muğla 0252 612 11 44 (English Spoken) 0252 612 78 24 heat@pus.com.tr
Odunatesi Osmangazi Bulvarı No:1
Hürriyet Mahalle
Fethiye, Muğla
0252 612 11 44
(English Spoken)
0252 612 78 24   English:
Uygar Ticaret FETHIYE Mustafa Kemal Bulvari No:105 Fethiye MUGLA 0252 614 88 01 0252 612 24 74 0535 513 98 90
Güngörsün Mimarlık Mühendislik İnşaat Dekorasyon MARMARİS Kemal Elgün Bulvarı No:8 Marmaris, Muğla 0252 412 26 26 0252 412 24 00 0532 564 23 64

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Semtes Isı ve Mekanik Tesisat Market Bankalar Cad.2.Park.Sok. Sungur Apt. no:42/3 SİVAS 0346 2256605 0346 2255420 0532 3450321 sivas@odunatesi.com

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